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Five Steps to Standout Writing

In this master class, discover five steps to improve organization, marshal authorities, and write more concisely. You will also apply the five steps to excerpts from a high-profile legal memo on timely issues. 
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Before the Master Class

Get Ready for the Master Class

Step 1

Download the Model Memo

Download the model memo used throughout the Five Steps Master Class.
Step 2

Warm up your writing skills

Take a short writing survey and try your hand at some pre-Master Class writing exercises.
Step 3

Explore additional resources

Explore additional Master Class resources like cheat sheets and more practice.

Master Class

Practice During the Five Steps Master Class

Click on buttons below when prompted by your facilitator.
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Steps 1 & 2: Brainstorming+

Let research jumpstart your organization. Then focus on your big-picture points.
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Step 3: Proving Your Points

Use a three-stage method to marshal support for your points.


Mid-Class Practice

OPTIONAL: Take a 10-15 minute break with some writing mechanics practice.
segment 3

Step 4: Editing for Style

Streamline your sentences while adding polish and punch. 

segment 4

Step 5: Enhancing for Flow

Achieve clarity with effective transitions and other techniques. 

After the Master Class

Master Class Resources + Activities

Post-workshop practice

Dive into even more master class practice with exercises focused on writing mechanics and flow.

Master Class cheat sheets

Download the master class cheat sheets that will help make honing your writing a breeze. 

Additional training

Dive into even more master class practice focused on writing mechanics, transitions, and flow.