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Essential Skill Paths
Deep Dive Courses
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Deep dive courses

Deep Dive Courses help you go deeper into and learn more about a specific legal skill. Deep Dives are perfect for mastering specific topics (like eDiscovery or litigation filing) and for refining skills like legal writing style. Like Skill Paths, Deep Dives also have curated lessons, videos, interactive simulations, and quick reviews. Unlike Skill Paths, we regularly update Deep Dives with new lessons.
  • Explore specific topics like writing style and using visuals
  • New lessons added to Deep Dives regularly
  • More Deep Dive topics released all the time 

Write.law Live

Attend 45-minute live micro workshops throughout the year. These micro workshops let you practice writing, tech, and practice skills directly with our training experts. Come back anytime to watch each micro workshop as a recorded webinar. You can also find some longer, 3-hour intensive webinars in our library.
  • Learn new skills from real-world examples
  • Re-watch workshops as recorded webinars
  • Ask trainers your most pressing quesitons

Essential Skill Paths

Skill Paths help you develop or hone a specific legal skill week-by-week over several months. Whether you want to learn something specific (like how to write a legal memo) or become proficient in a new skill (like legal writing or tech), Skill Paths have everything you need. Each Skill Path features a curated list of lessons, videos, interactive simulations, and quick reviews designed to help you learn and practice your new skill.
  • Complete each path in several months
  • Receive a certificate of completion
  • Essential paths for legal writing, tech, and legal practice


Programs are designed and curated by your organization and Write.law. They focus on specific skills that your organization has targeted for training. Some programs focus on individual skills, like legal writing style and mechanics; others blend legal writing, tech, and practice skills together. You should check with your organization's training coordinator if you have questions about your programs.
  • Designed by your organization specifically for you
  • Pick up new skills that your organization values
  • Receive a certificate of completion (if available)

Getting started

Level up your legal skills with Write.law

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Level up your lawyering

Write.law's short videos, engaging simulations, and real-world examples make it easy and fun to learn new writing, tech, and practice techniques.
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Navigating Write.law

Got a few minutes? Explore your new Write.law account and learn how to navigate between courses, highlight notes in e-books, and tons more.
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Learning that's fun

Bite-sized and engaging videos

Learn new skills in as little as 15 minutes a day. We use short, animated explainer videos that are fun to watch and quick to get through.

Only the best techniques

Step-by-step training

We break down techniques into simple steps that anyone can easily grasp and deploy in their practice. We back that up with cheat sheets and other easy-to-use resources.
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Legal writing & analysis

The most comprehensive legal writing, research, and analysis lessons in the world

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  • 1000s of legal writing and research lessons
  • In-depth legal analysis and reasoning skills
  • Advanced writing and rhetorical techniques
  • Persuasion and cognitive science for legal writing

Technology + legal practice

Supercharge your efficiency with the latest tech and practice skills

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Legal Technology Skills

  • Why tech matters and how it can help you
  • Master core tools like Word, Excel, and email
  • Survey essential technology tools
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Legal Practice Essentials

  • Learn the ins-and-outs of modern legal practice
  • Strategies to manage projects and work on teams
  • Tools like design thinking and building your brand

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